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Tru Cutz Inc. was established in 2013 with a vision on the other side of town that many didn’t believe in at the time. Just North of 79th and Biscayne. Tru Cutz found the way to become a pillar to the community of Miami by bringing a vibrant South Beach color scheme to light up our communities. Tru Cutz, was founded by current Pres. Nicolas Tru García. A master barber with 19 years of experience. This individual has cut the hair of many athletes, actors, and many other superstars around the world besides his every day clientele. Some names to mention; Lebron James, BronnyJames Kyle Lowry , Anthony Joshua, Jalen Rose, (Rip)Stuart Scott, Elton Brand, Chad OchoCinco Don Omar, Sydney Rice, Gronkowski, Kevin Durant, Gerald Green, and many important executives from miami. Tru Cutz has 9 years of Greatness Dedication Consistency Hard-work Intergrity while impacting the lives of many Men and families through out our journey by providing a structure men believe in and want to be a part of. Trucutz Inc. has been a second chance for many barbers that needed a fresh start in life and chose barbering as a new trait and way of life. Besides all of these great accomplishments Trucutz has built many leaders throughout the years by teaching them business management using many strategies to help run a business organization with integrity; communicating with all employees respectfully.Tru Cutz believes in the importance of diversity and treats everyone fair and equally. No matter race, religious beliefs, and sexuality these individuals can express themselves as long as each individual performs services at elite levels.

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